The Group

Adonis Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. was started in 1980 by the Shah family and therefore belongs to India’s large Industrial Empire, the Shah-Bajaj Group.

The Shahs and the Bajaj Group have several successful enterprises in Steelmaking, Scooters and Motorcycles, Fruit juices, Dairy products.

The Company

Adonis Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is a market-oriented, professionally managed pharmaceutical company marketing a number of Ethical pharmaceutical specialities.

The products are manufactured in accordance with internationally approved Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

The Corporate Mission

The Corporate Mission of Adonis Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. and the corporate credos are

  • To develop and market therapeutically-correct, clinically-relevant, efficacious and patient-friendly formulations for the ethical prescription market.
  • To forge a strong relationship with the medical fraternity by adopting high ethical standards.
  • To provide its ultimate consumers the patients, a range of high quality products at affordable price.